Solar Controllers


The SL6 is used in all standard installations where the Solar System utilises its own separate suction and return from the pool.

• 14.5mm High Intensity display – good visibility in bright sunlight
• High Intensity LED Indicators – better visibility in bright sunlight
• Long Life Polyester Label – longevity in harsh conditions
• Hot Embossed buttons – positive feel
• Heavy Duty Button Switches – positive feel
• Moulded enclosure locks on the outside of ceiling gasket – no casing cracks or leakages
• Winter mode has Battery back up – keeps flush time each day the same on power interruption
• power in surge arrester – adaptable for extreme conditions
• Power in filtering – extended controller life
• Heavy duty 30 amp relay – long life switching
• Surge arrester across relay – long life switching
• Snubber (spark arrester) across relay – prolongs relay life
• Power cord plug suitable for out-door use – meets Australian Standards
• 20 metre Spooled Roof cable – easy installation and no tangles
• Tinned copper UV Stable sensor cable – easy to extend or shorten as required
• Tropical Mode – helps cool overheated pools and swim spas
• Digital Thermostats – highest controller accuracy and unequalled reliability – calibration free
• Self Diagnostic Program – 7 codes – Technical feedback if required
• Australian Made start to finish – local employment and knowledge of service
• 3 Year Warranty – peace of mind that your controller will go the distance


Radio Remote is used in all standard installations like the SL6 Deluxe. Instead of running a sensor cable from the roof across the backyard to the controller, we simply transmit the information. The battery operated transmitter is fitted on the wall next to the heating pipes and the sensor cable is run up to the roof as usual. Low battery is indicated on the front of controller. Four AA batteries have a 12 month life expectancy.

The SL6RR has all the features of the SL6 Deluxe with the addition of a Radio Remote Roof Sensor with a range up to 60 metres. It is ideal for new installations as well as service repairs. This means a saving of time and money.

• Wireless Roof Sensors Eliminate:
• Digging Trenches for Roof Sensor Cables
• Laying of conduit
• Lifting Pavers
• Damaging Gardens
• Locating Broken Wires

SL8 – Standard

The SL8 has all the features of the SL6 with the addition of :
– Liquid Crystal display for greater customer feed back
– Half degree temperature reading and setting for tighter control
– Auto Winter Mode that switches on and off at preselected months
– Spare Power Plug that eliminates the expense of having an additional power point fitted


The SL8RT has all the functions of the SL8S with the addition of:
– Filter Pump multi function Timer
– Auto Over-Ride that switches the Filter Pump on if solar gain is present out of normal filter times
– Manual Over-Ride that locks out the Solar Pump when back washing or cleaning lint pot
– Extra Power Plug that eliminates the expense of having an additional power point fitted


The SL8RR has all the features of the SL8S but utilises an FM Transmitter for the roof temperature reading instead of running cables. The maintenance free solar panel transmits roof temperature to a distance of up to 100 metres to the controller when the sun is shining. Note: Tropical mode is not available on this model.


The SL8RRT has all the features of the SL8RR and the SL8RT. It is designed for retro (boosted) systems and operates the filter time-clock and the solar pump. Note: Tropical mode is not available on this model.


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