Pool Solar Heating, how does it work?

Poolside Heating

Poolside Heating has worked with leading polymer engineers to develop a range of state of the art solar absorbers manufactured under ISO 9001 conditions. Through extensive research, the “10-tube” profiles gain maximum direct heat from the sun, as well as absorbing reflected and conducted heat from the roof.

Poolside Manifold

The new Poolside manifold provides less gluing joints for easy installation and have winged sided that lock the manifold in place that stop sideward movement.

The wings also protect the rubber grommet from UV deterioration.

PVC Premium Absorb

PVC Nitrile Premium Absorber manufactured from chemical resistant polymer compounds certified to meet AS2369.2-1993 – Materials for solar collectors for swimming pool heating, Part 2: Flexible or plasticised polyvinylchloride.

Flat Matt Return

Patented Poolside Flat Matt Returns eliminate unsightly return “loops” on your roof. Moulded in durable BASF LuranS polymer, this return product improves appearance, removes a place for leaves to collect, and improves water flow performance by 53%.

Your roof will still look good..

Black is the most efficient colour for heat collectors. But, if your solar absorber must be placed on part of the roof that is highly visible, you can choose an absorber colour to blend with your roof colour. The difference in heat absorption between colours is not significant, so you do not need to detract from the appearance of your property, to add value to your swimming pool.
With the solar absorbers matching the colour of your roof, Poolside Heating has another clever product to blend the solar system into your roof.