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Traditionally, sanitisers have been used to treat and control algae but this is proving to be much less reliable as algae species become more diverse and resistant. This leads us to the need for control agents designed specifically to counter the defence mechanisms algae has developed to protect itself. Even if we can’t see them, algae spores are always present and when they become active, they thrive on wastes in the water and dramatically multiply in numbers. It is important to control algae in swimming pools for health, safety and aesthetic reasons. An algae-infested swimming pool is also an expensive and frustrating problem to correct.

Back-Up® II

BioGuard® Back-Up® II is a copper-based algae inhibitor that works extremely well with chlorinating products to prevent a broad spectrum of algae growth.

Product Features:

  • 42g/L copper active present as copper sulphate.
  • Unique non-staining formulation.
  • Contains metal chelating agents.
  • Built-in water clarifiers help remove dead algae.
  • Easy to measure residual in the water.


  • Effective against all common and many mutant
  • strains of algae.
  • Long-lasting algae prevention.
  • Faster removal of dead algae when used with Quick ClearTM.
  • Clearer pool water.
  • Negligible effect on water balance.

BioGuard® AlgiGuard® is a highly effective quat-based algaecide that works well with chlorinating products to prevent a wide variety of algae.

Product Features:

  • 400g/L benzalkonium chloride.
  • Non-staining formulation.
  • Powerful wetting agent.
  • Stable in sunlight and will not evaporate.


  • Prevents wide spectrum of algae growth.
  • Also effective as a duck deterrent and floating/swimming insect killer.
  • Negligible effect on water balance.

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