Poolside Beaconsfield Offer Free Water Analysing

Poolside Beaconsfield offers free pool & spa water analysing using BioGaurd Accuscan device and

Biolab Water Testing this complete water analysing system is very fast and accurate to help you maintain healthy water balance.


Regular water testing is a MUST if you would like to keep on top of healthy water in your swimming environment as well as maintaining water appearance & equipment maintenance.

Biogaurd water works in conjunction with the Accuscan device as a computer system allowing accurate results and print out reports to help identify your pool / spa needs chemically.

Poolside Beaconsfield have friendly staff to guide you through the report also keeping an updated history for any constant problems or concerns you might have.

Preparing Your Water Sample

To obtain an accurate water sample follow the following steps:



Obtain a sample elbow depth from the opposite end of the pool to your filter returns

Do not leave sample bottle in heat or direct sunlight as this will be an invalid test result.


It is advised to test your water on a regular basis for balanced water, causing less problems and decreasing the work load for the owner.