Daisy is Australia’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool cover and roller systems.

All pool owners need a Daisy pool cover and roller because Daisy reduces the cost of maintaining a warm – sustainable pool.
Installing a Daisy is environmentally responsible and economically sensible.
And what could be more sensible than getting your local pool care service to help select and install the right cover and roller for your swimming pool

For more Information regarding what pool cover best suits your needs give us a call or contact our friendly staff at Poolside Beaconsfield.

Why you need a roller

Daisy Rollers are essential to the life and proper use of a Daisy Cover.
It only takes 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water.Man handling a cover, off the pool, will subject it to knocks and scrapes that would not occur if it is rolled up on a roller.

Most people who have tried to use a cover without a roller very quickly realise their mistake and order a roller.
Eliminating the cost of a roller when considering a Daisy pool cover system is false economy because you will be ordering a new cover a lot sooner.