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While it might seem like a hassle, maintaining your spa’s cleanliness and overall health on a weekly basis will save you money, time and a lot of potential hassle. For easy weekly spa maintenance, just remember the three C’s—consistency, check and clean.


Consistency is the key to having a beautiful spa week in, week out.

We recommend taking the time to sketch up a schedule to keep you in a routine of maintaining your beautiful spa. If you live with others, why not issue a spa roster?

Whether it’s doing a quick maintenance check when you get home from work, or just before you get the newspaper in the morning, writing down your weekly spa maintenance will improve the usability and the life of your favourite asset.

When we talk about consistency, it’s not just about making you more accountable for the maintenance of your spa, it’s also about being able to measure and improve how your spa is running. You could even schedule reminders in your phone. By consistently maintaining your spa you can easily detect when things aren’t working perfectly.


When checking your spa, there are a number of things you should look for.


Checking your spa cover daily is essential for maintaining the cleanliness of the cover, the water and the pH balance you want to sustain. Underpinning this, pool covers are notorious for producing a musky or mildew odour if left for too long. By checking your spa cover daily, you prevent your cover from getting smelly and also avoid a smelly situation when guests come over!

It’s also important to check your water temperature on a daily basis. This will help you maintain a constant temperature—any drastic change may indicate malfunction.

Perhaps most important of your daily checks (particularly for outdoor spas), is to look for debris or damage. Having a quick glance for anything untoward each day, ensures your spa not only looks and runs well now, but well into the future.

Every Few Days:

Checking sanitiser levels every few days helps to ensure your spa stays in mint condition. We have a great range of BioGuard Spa Sanitisers to help you treat the bacteria in your spa. A combination of heavy use and hot water take their toll on the sanitiser used, but whatever the source, the microorganisms present in the spa must be killed in some way or another and as quickly as possible.

We recommend BioGuard’s spa sanitiser product range, with chlorine or bromine the two main options recognised by Australian Health Authorities. You should have a chlorine residual of 2-3 ppm or bromine residual of 4-6 ppm.

Checking your alkalinity level and pH balance is one of the most important parts of weekly spa maintenance. By maintaining a perfectly balanced spa, you ensure water safety. The pH level needs to be as close as possible to our eyes natural pH, which sits around 7.5 on a pH scale of 0-14.

Try to keep the pH from going too far above or below these levels as it will make the water acidic (0-6) or alkaline (8-14) making it uncomfortable to swim in. To maintain a stable comfortable pH, soften spa water and protect equipment, we recommend using BioGuard Perfect Balance.


If you want a sparkly spa, cleaning it once a week will keep it looking brand new.

BioGuard Spa Squeaky Clean is a heavy-duty alkaline surface cleaner that won’t damage your spa’s surfaces. Squeaky Clean removes scale, hard water deposits, grease and dirt from along the water line. It keeps spa surfaces looking clean and bright. Cleaning above the water line every few days will keep the drier areas of your spa from building up any dirt or water residue. Not only does this look ugly, but if left unwashed can stain your shell and contaminate the water.

Filtration of your spa should be ongoing. To maintain water quality and cleanliness, your filter should run a minimum of four hours a day, even when it is not being used. To clean, use your hose to loosen dirt or particles from the filter and spray BioGuard Spa Filter Renew directly onto the filter.

Ultimately, by following the three C’s, you’re ensured great spa experiences week-in, week-out! So remember—consistency, check and clean!

Source: https://bioguard.com.au/solutions/weekly-spa-maintenance/

Weekly Spa Maintenance Rate this item
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