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Spring! What a great time of the year to get back in the yard and clean your pool – especially if maintenance has taken a back seat through winter. Let us help you put some of that springtime sparkle back in your pool.

Clean your baskets and filters

No one likes a clogged filter – it prevents the water from flowing freely and leaves your pool open to infection. Try using BioGuard Filter Brite – it’s an easy-to-use product that works to remove contaminants from the filter while sanitising.

Scrub a dub dub

Particularly through winter, an unsightly line of dirt can form along the pool wall. To remove it, try using BioGuard’s SPA Squeaky Clean. While it is typically a spa product, it will assist in removing stains, grease and common dirt from the pool wall; as the longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

Find the perfect balance

Ensuring your chemicals are properly balanced is essential to making your pool sparkle. You’ll need to make sure that your levels are as follows:

Alkalinity: between 120-150ppm. PRO TIP: test alkalinity before adjusting pH levels – pH remains constant if alkalinity levels are correct

pH: between 7.2 and 7.6

Calcium hardness: between 150-250ppm

Stabiliser: minimum of 30ppm of Cyanuric acid, helping to prevent chlorine loss

Chlorine: this should be sitting between 1.5 and 3ppm

Visit our store to remedy any imbalances to the chemicals above.

A shock to the system

Destroy chloramines and other undesirables that have built up over winter. As usage increases, it’s worth shocking your pool every couple of weeks to keep it looking pristine. We recommend using Burnout Extreme, BioGuard Lite, BioGuard Oxysheen or BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle.

Make your pool sparkle in springtime Rate this item
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