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In the past 5 years, around 330 Australian children have tragically lost their lives through drowning in pools. That’s 330 Australian families, torn apart in horrible yet preventable circumstances.

With summer approaching and 50% of these drownings occurring in residential pools, we have provided the following checklist to make sure you’re ready for the swimming season.

Click here to download the printer friendly version of the Home Pool Safety Checklist.

Disclaimer: this printable checklist is not substitute for a pool inspection and is for educational purposes only. Pool owners should always get a professional assessment of their pool and spa compliance prior to use.

Home Pool Safety Checklist

  1. Have a safety barrier
    in Australia, law requires that all swimming pools or spa pools must have a continuous safety barrier that is maintained by the pool owner and restricts access to the pool.
  2. Maintain the safety barrier
    make sure your gate is auto-close
    ensure the security of the latch
    make sure there are no gaps or holes that provide entry to the pool area
    remove anything leaning on or near a fence that could be used to climb
  3. Keep the gate shut
    don’t prop or jam an object to hold the gate open.
  4. Cover the surrounding area with a non-slippery surface
    either using a non-slip floor treatment
    non-slip pool decking
    rubber mats
  5. Have life jackets and pool floaties on hand
    if children aren’t competent in the water, pool floaties and life jackets, as well as having an adult in the pool, should be compulsory.
  6. Keep the area tidy
    remove any toys or equipment that may injure or trip
  7. Make rules
    it’s important to make pool rules with both your family and also young guests
    make sure they abide by these rules
  8. Keep lifesaving equipment handy
    make sure a floatation device is kept on a close by deck and unobstructed
  9. Lock chemicals away
    keep them out of reach
    lock them in a safe space
  10. Keep an eye on the kids and all pool guests at all times
    drownings happen fast
    keep your eyes peeled, particularly on those less competent

Happy swimming and stay safe.

Source: https://bioguard.com.au/solutions/home-pool-safety/

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