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Sanitising pool water treats bacteria, which can be harmful to people using the pool. Bacteria is caused by a wide variety of sources such as rain, dust, insects and birds. Sanitiser levels need to be maintained to keep bacteria at bay and also as an aid in controlling algae. BioGuard® offers several chlorine based pool sanitiser options, that present a cost effective alternative to Cal Hypo and other liquid chlorines. Our Sanitisers are user friendly, with many being non-dangerous goods. They are storage and transport friendly, simple to use and very effective in maintaining a healthy pool.

Smart Sticks®

BioGuard® Smart Sticks® are 225g sticks containing Smart Guard™. Designed for weekly skimmer application, they dissolve much slower than regular trichlor sticks or tablets when the pump is off and, as a result, can last up to twice as long.

Product Features:

  • 976g/kg trichloroisocyanuric acid.
  • 880g/kg available chlorine.
  • Added Smart Guard™ chlorine protector.


  • More gentle on vinyl liners and equipment.
  • Does not cloud the water.
  • Once-a-week maintenance.
  • Easy to use with no need to pre-dissolve.
  • Concentrated so you use less.
  • Minimal impact on water balance, saving you money.
  • Built in clarifiers and enhancers for crystal clear water.
  • Stabilised chlorine compounds are not lost to the sun’s UV rays.
Power Chlor®

BioGuard® Power Chlor® is a revolutionary patented product. Each co-compacted granule contains trichlor for killing algae and bacteria, chlorine-tolerant clarifiers for keeping water crystal clear, and water enhancing agents to provide a silky smooth feel to the water whilst reducing skin and eye irritation.

Product Features:

  • 727g/kg trichloroisocyanuric acid.
  • 660g/kg available chlorine.
  • Unique co-compacted granular product.
  • Skimmer-fed application.
  • Classified as a non-dangerous good.


  • Improves filter efficiency.
  • Less skin and eye irritation than many chlorinating products.
  • Easy to use with no need to pre-dissolve.
  • Concentrated so you use less.
  • Minimal impact on water balance, saving you money.
  • Storage and transport friendly.

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