Bioguard Chemicals

Poolside Beaconsfield are approved BioGuard retailers and we therefore stock the widest range of premium BioGuard chemicals, boast the most innovative water analysis technology and offer best service and advice. We have an extensive range of BioGuard pool and spa chemicals and can analyse your water to provide solutions any pool and spa problems.

We have products for all salt water and fresh water requirements including algaecides, balancers, oxidisers, sanitisers and specialty spa products.

As a BioGuard approved retailer we are extensively trained and educated, constantly attending intensive chemical and equipment training to ensure we are up to date with the latest in pool and spa water care, management, service and advice.

BioGuard Balance PakBioGuard Burn Out ExtremeBioGuard AlgiGuardBioGuard Spa Renew

Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Every Dolphin pool cleaner combines advanced technologies with proven reliability so you can enjoy a clean pool with little effort. Dolphin pool cleaner robots are at the forefront of pool cleaner innovation and help you enjoy a superior pool experience every day. They save you electricity, time, money and chemicals, allowing you to relax and enjoy your pool with confidence that it is clean and hygienic. See how Dolphin pool cleaners provide exception coverage through intelligent systematic scanning logic in the video below.

Hayward Equipment

Astral Equipment

SR Smith Deck and Access Equipment

Sunbather Pool Heating and Covers